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Background Briefings

The Mayor's task force is buliding upon past studies that identify the best strategies for developing southern Dallas. Below are major briefings related to southern Dallas development.



Dallas City Council | June 22, 2009 | Download PDF (15.1 MB)


The ULI Southwest Center Mall Advisory Services Panel presented its initial findings to the Office of Economic Development and the public on June 19, 2009.  The plan calls for the redevelopment of Southwest Center Mall into a mixed-use town center, preserving portions of the mall and anchor stores while adding new amenities to create an entertainment and retail destination.


Dallas City Council | February 20, 2008 | Download PDF (4.45 MB)


This briefing outlines the issues facing economic development in southern Dallas, identifies actions taken to date, and proposes a strategy to realize economic growth in the south.

forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan

Dallas City Council | June 2006 | Download PDF (4.86 MB)


On June 14, 2006, City Council adopted the forwardDallas! Comprehensive Plan. The adopted documents are now available on-line for review. Visit the forwardDallas! website

Dallas City Council | 2005 | Download PDF (2.64 MB)


In September 2005 the Dallas City Council adopted Strategic Engagement as Dallas’ economic development plan to guide development policy focusing on southern Dallas and downtown.

Dallas City Council | November 12, 2004 | Download PDF (832 KB)


This 2004 report by McKinsey & Co. identified improvements needed to strengthen Dallas’ code compliance and economic development activities and set the stage for subsequent reforms in both areas.

Reinvesting in Dallas' Southern Sector

Report to the Dallas Together Forum and the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce

November 1997 | Download PDF (525 KB)


This 1997 McKinsey & Co. report identified key assets in southern Dallas and highlighted new development strategies. Dallas’ new southern business parks such as Pinnacle and the IIPOD area were created in response to this study.”