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Area #9: South Dallas/Fair Park

South Dallas Map

Committee Chairs

Chair: Jim Slaughter 

Vice Chair: John Radovich

Quick Facts

Council Districts: 2, 4, & 7

Population: 35,537
Area: 12.76 sq. mi.; 8,167 acres; (including flood plain); 9.07 sq mi.; 5,806 acres (excluding flood plain)

Households: 11,954

Per Capita Income: $10,466


Installation of DPD-Monitored Security Cameras for the Fair Park Business District


This project involves installation of a camera surveillance system, at strategic locations, within the South Dallas/Fair Park area that will be monitored by the City’s Police Department. The initial concept of this project was introduced with the Jubilee Park Community Center proposal, in Spring’ 2006. The Jubilee Park Community portion eventually got funded and installed in 2007. The South Dallas / Fair Park portion of the proposal was unfunded, which proposed 17 camera sites at eleven (11) different locations, in the South Dallas / Fair Park community.

The completion of this project will offer an excellent business opportunity to reduce, or eliminate a lot of the crime related activities in the area, and assist in curtailing a lot of the homeless population panhandling (begging) that is prevalent in the area.


Status - In Progress


Funding for the installation of the cameras is available from the South Dallas / Fair Park Trust Fund. The Area #9 team is working with the Dallas Police Department on finalizing potential locations for the cameras and an installation schedule.


Read more about Area #9's proposed project in the Interim Team Report.



Fact Sheets

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Meeting Minutes

(71.5 KB) January 29, 2009
(13.6 KB) March 19, 2009

Planning Studies

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