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Area #8: Buckner Terrace/East Dallas

East Dallas Map

Committee Chairs

Chair: Eugene Thomas

Vice Chair: Lori White

Quick Facts

Council Districts: 4, 5, & 7

Population: 32,257
Area: 8.36 sq. mi.; 5,353 acres; (including flood plain); 8.16 sq mi. 5,221 acres (excluding flood plain)

Households: 9,558

Per Capita Income: $15,053


Reopening of Tri-Cities Hospital


After discussing the issues identified in our SWOT analysis, the team determined that addressing the lack of use around Tri-Cities Hospital was paramount given its size and location. Area 8 has a large amount of housing stock and members agreed that employers in the area should have salary ranges that support the housing median in the area. Currently the annual salary median for Area 8 is approximately $15,000.

Tri Cities Hospital has a plan to bring in 3 specialty hospitals – surgical, acute care, and psychiatric
care. They are seeking financing to complete the project. They are near completion of the construction
on one of the hospitals and they have about $15 million worth of improvements to make once they get
their financing. This facility has received approval from the TX Dept of Health and will eventually produce
100-200 jobs.


Status - On Hold


The Office of Economic Development continues to seek opportunities for redevelopment of the Tri-Cities Hospital complex. The previously described plan has been put on hold indefinitely by the building owner.


Read more about Area #8's proposed project in the Interim Team Report.



Fact Sheets

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