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Area #7: West Dallas

West Dallas Map

Committee Chairs

Chair: Regina Nippert

Vice Chair: Butch McGregor

Quick Facts

Council Districts: 3 & 6

Population: 25,567
Area: 31.79 sq. mi.; 20,346 acres; (including flood plain); 24.18 sq mi.; 15,476 acres (excluding flood plain)

Households: 6,628

Per Capita Income: $8,912


Trinity River Recreation District


Trinity River Recreation District


To create a seamless entertainment district between the activities of the West End / American Airlines Center complex, the Trinity River experience (including the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge) and West Dallas, the Area 7: the West Dallas Team recommends the creation of the Trinity River Recreational District located along Hampton Road from Singleton at the south end to the Trinity River to the north.


There are several projects in the proposed District that are either in the early phase of development or in the planning stage. To ensure the success of the District, the Team would like to focus on the successful completion of the following projects:

- Mercy Street Field of Dreams (site secured, construction underway for first field, additional resource development underway)
- Dallas Water Sports Park at Fishtrap Lake (proposed development)
- Battan Ballpark at the West Dallas Community Center (proposed development)

The following projects are located in the proposed District and are either underway or completed:
- Nash Davis Community Center Renovation (underway)
- Texas Rangers Little League Field (completed 2006)
- Pedestrian and bicycle connector routes to downtown and other trails (to be completed 2011)

The goal of the project is to unify the sports and athletic projects in West Dallas into one comprehensive project that has significant economic and social impact on the area. Additional benefits include employment for local teens, attracting visitors (and their discretionary spending) to West Dallas, providing the people of West Dallas with excellent recreational activities, instilling a sense of community pride and attracting private sector investment into West Dallas.


Status - In Progress (Updated 3/21/2011)


Multiple components of the proposed district continue to progress. The Office of Economic Development, the Dallas Housing Authority, and the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce continue to work with the developer towards obtaining the necessary approvals for the construction of the Dallas Water Sports Park. Local community groups continue to work on completing other attractions in the proposed district area.


Read more about Area #7's proposed project in the Interim Team Report.



Fact Sheets

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Meeting Minutes

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Planning Studies

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