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Area #6: Mountain Creek

Far Southwest Dallas Map

Committee Chairs

Chair: Charles English

Vice Chair: Richard McNeal

Quick Facts

Council Districts: 3 & 6

Population: 28,794
Area: 31.79 sq. mi.; 20,346 acres; (including flood plain); 24.18 sq mi.; 15,476 acres (excluding flood plain)

Households: 8,585

Per Capita Income:$19,167



Accelerated Completion of the Mountain Creek Trail


To better capitalize on the rich scenery and terrain of the Mountain Creek area, and to provide additional recreation amenities for residents and visitors, Team 6 recommends the construction of a bicycle trail connecting Cedar Hill State Park, Joe Pool Lake, and Mountain Creek Lake along Mountain Creek Blvd. The Team will work with the City of Dallas’ Department of Parks & Recreation and the Department of Public Works
and Transportation to construct the pathway using funds from the 2010 Bond Program. Once completed, the bicycle path will draw in additional visitors to our unique area, encouraging the development of additional retail and residential opportunities.


Status - In Progress


The Office of Economic Development and the Department of Parks & Recreation are working with the Area 6 Team, now the Friends of the Mountain Creek Trail, towards identifying a potential route and cost. Acquisition of the necessary right of way and construction of the trail will be considered for funding in a future capital bond program.


Read more about Area #6's proposed project in the Interim Team Report.



Fact Sheets

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Meeting Minutes

(10.4 KB) January 15, 2009
(12.6 KB) February 10, 2009
(12.5 KB) March 10, 2009
(12.8 KB) April 14, 2009
(6.78 KB) May 12, 2009

Planning Studies

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