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Area #5: North Oak Cliff

North Oak Cliff Map

Committee Chairs

Chair: Linda S. Brown

Vice Chair: Patricia Davis

Quick Facts

Council Districts: 1, 2, 3, & 6

Population: 107,824
Area: 19.21 sq. mi.; 12,297 acres (including flood plain); 17.99 sq mi.; 11,517 acres (excluding flood plain)

Households: 29,374

Per Capita Income: $13,477


Development of a North Oak Cliff Transportation System Network Plan


North Oak Cliff has a unique blend of old and new in housing, retail, and dining destinations. To capitalize on this opportunity, we have identified the need for a public transportation planning effort that reflects a thoughtful integration of mixed-use and mixedincome developments to create a model environment. In addition, the planning area is more than just reaching across the river from downtown. It is an area bounded by the River, to IH 35, south to Jefferson Boulevard, and west to Westmoreland Road.

Contract a professional transportation engineering / planning firm with an expertise in creating new urban environments and sustainable neighborhoods through the development of an implementation plan of network improvements, investment opportunities, proposed urban design regulatory changes and urban thoroughfare design standards.


The Plan will provide a “knitting together” of current transportation and land use plans and stakeholder and developer interest. This economic development project will analyze and prioritize projects within the planning area and provide urban design standards and recommended regulatory changes to sustain the area. The Plan will support the developer interest as well as create a basis for capitalizing on new urban renewal project funding at all levels of government.


Status - In Progress (Updated 3/21/2011)


The Department of Public Works is coordinating with the Department of Sustainable Development & Construction and the teams for areas #5 & #7 on developing a scope of work for implementing elements of the City of Dallas' current planning efforts, including the Complete Streets Initiative, the Dallas Bike Plan, and the Streetcar System Plan and other privately-led planning efforts..


Read more about Area #5's proposed project in the Interim Team Report.



Fact Sheets

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Meeting Minutes

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PDF (17.4 KB) April 30, 2009
PDF (14.9 KB) February 4, 2010


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Planning Studies

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