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Area #4: South Central Oak Cliff

South Central Oak Cliff Map

Committee Chairs

Chair: Sherman Roberts

Vice Chair: J. Mark Barry

Quick Facts

Council Districts:1, 2, 4, 5, & 7

Area: 18.26 sq. mi.; 11,688 acres (including flood plain); 15.25 sq mi.;
9,761 acres (excluding flood plain)

Households: 19,459

Per Capita Income:$12,051


Redevelopment of the Glendale Shopping Center


Glendale Shopping Center is located at 4400 S. Marsalis Ave at the intersection of Ann Arbor Avenue. The center has been the home for major retailers and continues to be the home for many locally-owned businesses. The zoning is Commercial/Community Use and was constructed in the 1940s. For over 30 years the Glendale center has been servicing one of the more established neighborhoods of the City of Dallas and has remained relatively stable for the past two decades. Based on the 2008 Census/three mile data the number of occupied units is 37,768, an increase of 10.19% from the 2000 Census. The area has seen a steady average yearly population growth of 7% from 53,312 to 83,234 over the past 9 years. The neighborhood is an area of developed land with primary single family dwellings, along the smaller side streets, with retail, office and commercial enterprises along the major thoroughfares throughout the neighborhood. Within in the three mile radius of the
Glendale Shopping center are several centers sharing similar physical characteristics. In the near future
these centers should be revisited for major capital improvements as a comprehensive approach to the
areas revitalization initiatives.

The use of a market-based fundamentals strongly indicates that the Glendale Shopping Center is thought of to be the most impactful with considerations to market segment including store sizes, location, accessibility, parking, multiple and adequate links to the areas freeway system; merchandise mix and regulatory support. The factors affecting site specific economies of scale, financial, operational feasibility, cost and timing factors as a market-based strategy also places the Glendale Shopping center in an ideal situation to be the premier conduit for reinvestment into the neighborhoods faltering retail base; a base not keeping in line with a stable and diverse consumer base.

The improvements to the Glendale Shopping Center will include, but will not be 100% solidified until scope of work has been approved: improved exterior lighting, improved parking area, topography; drainage,
improved security monitoring, structural improvements, landscaping, site amenities, etc.


Status - In Progress


The Office of Economic Development continues to negotiate with the ownership of the center and potential anchor tenants for renovation and infrastructure improvement opportunities. However, the difficult economic environment is limiting retail expansion opportunities in the near-term.


Read more about Area #4's proposed project in the Interim Team Report.



Fact Sheets

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Meeting Minutes

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Planning Studies

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