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Area #3: South East Oak Cliff

South East Oak Cliff Map

Committee Chairs

Chair: Gail Terrell

Vice Chair: Rev. Stephen C. Nash

Vice Chair: Michael Sorrell

Quick Facts

Council Districts: 5 & 8

Population: 27,517
Area: 25.72 sq. mi.; 16,459 acres (including flood plain); 22.48 sq mi.; 14,385 acres (excluding flood plain)

Households: 8,768

Per Capita Income: $14,125


Additional Retail Opportunities at Bonnie View Rd. & Simpson Stuart Rd.


The Area 3 Team has selected the construction of a retail center (the “Project”), to be located on land donated by Paul Quinn College (the “College”), as their Implementable Deliverable (the “ID”). This project will result in the creation of over 100 new jobs, millions of dollars of new construction, and serve as ground zero for the revitalization of the Highland Hills / Paul Quinn College Community (the “Community”).

The vision for the Project is to create a quality retail facility that spurs job creation and neighborhood revitalization. In order to accomplish this goal, we envision a partnership between the Community, the City of Dallas (the “City”) and private developers. To help jump start this project, the College (which owns 145 acres of land along Simpson Stuart Road) is willing to contribute the land needed for the project. Included in the property that the College owns is a 6,821 square foot retail center (five stores and one gas station) (the “Center”) that would be an ideal location to begin the Project.


Status - In Progress


The Office of Economic Development continues to seek retail partners to anchor a center at the intersection. A variety of potential incentives are available for a public-private partnership. However, the difficult economic environment is limiting retail expansion opportunities in the near-term.


Read more about Area #3's proposed project in the Interim Team Report.



Fact Sheets

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Meeting Minutes

(13.1 KB) January 12, 2009

Planning Studies

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